Attention Ladies! Do you want the same success you achieve at work, when you walk into the door at home?

Discover How to Flip Household Chaos Into Calm With The “Take Success Home Formula”™

(A live you truly deserve!)

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  • How to flip chaos into calm, so that your success at work easily translates to family, friends and lovers.

  • How to become your own soulmate, so you can realize how incredibly beautiful, talented, intelligent and fabulous YOU are.

  • How to infuse gratitude into every single moment of your day, so you can shift focus and have your home life match your stellar results at work.

  • How to pause and be present when life is flashing by at 65 mph, so you can engage with the people you love most.

What happens when you take this easy step? Suddenly, the world spins in more beautiful ways and you're offering up a big, "THANK YOU" to every moment.

Created by Caroline Markel Hammond

I'm the Founder and CEO of two international start-ups.

So what else? The 2020 Boston Scientific Global Volunteer Award and Vera Bradley Inspiring Women winner, plus the 20 Most Inspiring Leaders of 2022.

I have walked this earth in high heels for 30 years as a results-driven sales and training professional promoting billion-dollar brands for Fortune 500 companies; thriving within human resources, training and development.

It took me fifty-three years, but I wrote three books and each one became an international best seller. (Honestly, there are still times I think to myself, "WHAT?!?") and I have been featured in Forbes, PBS, NPR, Fox News, national and regional television, and media broadcasts as a leader in domestic violence advocacy and overcoming adversity arenas. Once a month, I host a radio show called "Every Woman" with 50,000 listeners.

As a survivor of domestic violence, plus revival from a death-experience, I have A LOT to say. It's really honest storytelling, to create change and inspire women to live the life they deserve by finding their own worth, happiness and confidence in their work life AND home life.

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Who Else Wants to Quickly and Easily Recognize Your Success

at Work Translates to Family, Friends and Lovers?


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Attention Ladies! Do you want the same success you achieve at work, when you walk into the door at home?

Discover how to flip household chaos into calm with the “Take Success Home Formula”™

(A live you truly deserve!)